We're excited to announce the release of HiveMail, the first-of-its-kind email inbox that sits inside your favorite project management tool.  

Check out our Hive Mail tutorial video here.

Why did we build this?

Having an email client within Hive is the last piece of connecting a full end-to-end workflow that can operate entire inside of Hive.  More and more, teams get their work from email, and the disconnect between receiving email, assigning an email and 'working on' the email was too big, so we had to bring the inbox into Hive.

What is possible with Hive Mail?

  • Assign an email to yourself or a colleague to follow-up: never forget which emails you haven't responded to
  • Maintain visibility into the thread of replies from within the action card.  You won't miss the latest updates again!
  • Have an internal conversation on the same card as the email
  • Reply to an email from the action card

Which email clients are supported?

Currently Hive Mail is supported with Google (Gmail) and Outlook 365.  

How do I enable Hive Mail?  
From within Hive, go to your profile menu in the top right of Hive, and select Hive Apps.  Hive Mail is an available app listed here.  Toggle it on, and sign into your email account, authorize the connection, and you'll be all set!


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