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Sadly, email is not going away. So we've made connecting your email and Hive a lot less of a chore.

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With email into Hive, you can forward emails to create Hive actions from your inbox to:

  • your workspace, or

  • individual projects in your workspace.

How does it work?

Your Hive account is associated with an email address unique to your workspace and each project in it. The format of the email is [WorkspaceID]

You can find this email in the main menu under Settings > Email into Actions

You simply copy the email address and paste it into the email you want to send into Hive.
Here's how the inputs in your email message translate into a Hive action:

  • subject line = action title

  • added [] at the end of the subject line = due date

  • people you CC = additional assignees (you are assigned the action automatically)

  • body of email = action description

  • email attachments = action attachments

The picture below shows how it would work.

When the action arrives in your workspace, it would look a little like this!

So if you receive an email requesting you to do a certain task, all you have to do is forward it into Hive and it pops up on your action list. 

With Hive Mail, you can access your inbox, send new messages, and organize email follow-ups, all without ever leaving Hive.

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