When planning a project in Hive, draft mode will allow you to plan through multiple iterations before going live. Enabling draft mode means that notifications will not be sent when you make edits. This will save everyone the headache of multiple notifications and changes as you are going through the planning process. Once you are ready, exiting draft mode will send a single notification to project assignees and members. 

When creating a new project, you can enter draft mode by clicking on the 'Advanced' feature options and checking the box for 'Draft Mode'. 

No notifications regarding this project will go out to members until you exit project draft mode. 

If you've already kicked off a project but need to make bulk updates or changes, you can enter into draft mode by going to More > Draft Mode. 

Once you're ready to go-live and exit draft mode, you can click the 'x' on the draft mode bar or by going to More>Draft mode.

Exiting draft mode will send a single notification to the assignees of the project. 

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