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In 20 seconds, create a private space to collaborate within a workspace

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All teams have certain information and projects that can't be visible to everyone. This could include employee salaries, private client information, or personal projects. 

That's why Hive has projects!

Every task created in Hive projects is completely self-contained and can only be seen by the project members.

That way you can share a workspace, but protect certain sensitive information or just make sure others aren't distracted by information irrelevant to them.

Here's how:

Click the Project Navigator

This button takes you to the page where you can manage all your projects.

Click the "+New Project" button

Once you arrive in the Project Navigator, you can click the blue button in the upper left corner of the screen that says "+New Project."

Add a project name and key details

Give your project a name and pick a color you want to be associated with your project. You can also add a start and due date, labels, a description, attachments, a parent project or phases.

Add team members

The team members you select for your project are the ONLY people who can see it. All the tasks in the project will be completely invisible to anyone who is not a team member. 

So it's really important to consider who you want to invite in the project. Each project has three options:

  • 'Everyone': Anyone now or in the future who is added to the workspace will be a member of the project. Note: this option is disabled once the workspace has more than 30 users.

  • 'Specific people': You can select others, either by team or one-by-one

  • 'Private to me': Just you can see this project

Select your Editing & Project Visibility Settings:

You may want to limit if others in your project can also edit project membership. If you'd like to restrict that to just you, as the project owner, then select 'Project Owner only' as shown above.

If you'd like project members to be notified, you can select the Notify users checkbox.

If you're going to be assigning tasks but are not quite ready to spread the word yet, Draft mode is a great option for you!

Select a project layout (you can change it later)

There are seven ways to view your project:

  • Status view - actions move across the board through various stages (e.g. unstarted -> in progress -> completed)

  • Team view - all actions are organized in lists by the person they are assigned to

  • Calendar view - see actions by deadline and in the long term

  • Label view - actions are organized in lists by label

  • Gantt view - a chart that shows all your actions in a series of horizontal lines that represent the timeline they will be completed.

  • Table view - a list of your actions with columns organizing action and project information

  • List view - expanded list of all actions in your project with customizable filters

If you want a project to be visible to only you, just slide the "Private view" toggle on the bottom of the dropdown.

For more information on saving project Tabs, click here.

Hit create and start adding actions in your new project!

It's as easy as just typing what you want to do and press enter. 

Every action card in your project shows the name of the project. If you click the drop down, you can switch the action's project.

If you ever want to edit or see your project information, select "Overview" to view and amend project members and update key project details, such as status, custom fields, description, and attachments. 

Selecting the "More" button at the top right of your screen and clicking "Edit project" will open up the project modal for easy updates to your project.

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