Searching within Hive

Search both messages and actions (titles and descriptions)

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It's easier than ever to find what you are looking for with an enhanced search that looks for most relevant messages and actions. 

Search Actions

You can search for keywords in both the action title and the action description.

By default, the search includes both incomplete and complete actions across all projects.

Incomplete Actions vs Completed Actions

When searching for an action card, completed action cards will show up slightly darker.

Search Messages

You can also search chat messages by switching to the 'Messages' tab in search.

Search Projects

You can now search for your projects using the universal search bar.

Search Comments

You can now search for a comment in an action card using the search bar.

Filter Your Search

When searching you can filter by assignee (including placeholders and teams), project, or label. This way you'll be able to narrow down your search and find what you're looking for even more quicker!

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