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Learn about Hive's updated navigation and how to customize it.

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The new layout is focused on the left-hand side panel, which has everything from My Actions to Apps and Projects. This panel is your new all-in-one source for all things inside Hive.

My Actions view is anchored on the top left of your Navigation sidebar. This will take you to your to-do list, which lists every task that has been assigned to you with due dates.

We've made it easy to customize your Navigation panel. You can now resize the Navigation sidebar by hovering over the right-hand side and dragging the panel to the required size. We have also added the option to compress the Navigation panel using the three-bar icon at the top of the panel. To open the panel again simply click the icon again.

To pin Hive apps, like Resourcing or Forms, go to the Apps page. Then use the pins on the top right of these tiles to unpin or pin Apps.

We’ve also moved pinned projects and Summary Views over to the left-hand panel. Pin as many projects as you’d like, and access them quickly from the Navigation.

To pin a project to the left-hand side panel, select the “pin” icon next to the project name. If the pin is blue, your project will show up on the panel. If you want to remove a project from the panel, click on the pin icon again.

To find a list of all your team’s projects, archived projects, templates, and summary views, click on Projects, formerly known as Project Navigator.

For Hive Messengers, we’ve made a few changes to messaging. We've moved user Status under your profile menu on the top right. You can now save custom statuses in this menu.

To edit the height of your messaging panel to see either more projects or more of your messages, drag the bar between Groups and pinned projects up or down.

To quickly start a conversation, click on the “New Message” button, and add your teammates to the chat, or use shortcut Command (Mac) / Control (PC) +K.

You’ll also be able to hide Group or Direct messages by pressing the X on the right side of the row. If a new message is sent, it will come back to the panel.

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