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Leverage user tags and roles to create custom filter options for your resources
Leverage user tags and roles to create custom filter options for your resources

Add User Tags and Roles to enhance your Resource App

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Does your team have specific roles or special skills?

Leverage Hive’s roles and user tags in resourcing to assign custom roles and user tags to users to help filtering in resourcing by a specific role or user tags to find those employees who match.

Roles generally follow job titles in an organization. Each user will only hold one role in Hive.

User Tags are incredibly flexible and you can create as many as you need. Some common uses of user tags are:

  • Special Skills

  • Department

  • Role level or designation

  • Region or Market

  • Client Specialty

To create roles and user tags you start by building them out in the resource app settings.

Let's get started! Navigate to the settings menu in the top right of the resource app and start by adding your roles.

Now you are ready to create your user tags. In the same settings menu as above locate the user tags page. Here you can create your user tags and add the required options.

Now you have your roles and user tags ready you can now add them to your user profiles. To do this open the Resourcing Setting, go to People, search for the user, then click on the user's name.

The role and user tags will be visible ready for you to update.

Note: Only a workspace admin can update the user profiles in resourcing.

Finally, you will now find your filters updated to include your custom user tags and roles.

Happy Filtering!

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