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NEW: Hive Template Library
NEW: Hive Template Library

Choose from dozens of templates to get you started with Hive.

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Custom templates have long been a part of Hive, but with this new feature we're releasing dozens of pre-made templates. These are built to get your team up-and-running in Hive as fast as possible, and are built out for a variety of workflows, organization types, and teams.

Already working in Hive and looking for a new way to lay out or imagine your projects? Templates can easily be applied and added to an existing workspace. There are a few different ways to add a template from our new extensive template library into your workspace.

The first way is by visiting our Template Library directly from the blue "?" in the upper right hand corner of the app.

Once you select "Template Library," you'll see a pop-up with a variety of templates to choose from. The search bar allows you to plug in relevant terms and find a template that works for you a bit faster, or you can sort by category, which are broken down on the left.

After clicking on your desired template, you'll see a pop-up that explains a little more about it, and you'll be prompted to apply the template by clicking "Use Template."

From there, the template will be added into your workspace and is ready to use, customize, and make your own.

The second way to access and utilize our Template Library is through our "+New" modal, in the upper panel of your workspace. This is the same modal you use to create a new project, form, or action. When you select "Project" from the dropdown, you'll be able to click "Use a template."

Once you select "Use a template," you'll be able to choose from your existing team templates that you've created and saved, or apply one of our Template Library templates, by selecting the "Use Hive curated Templates" button at the top of the modal.

From there, you'll be taken directly to the library, where you can apply your chosen template!

Want to learn more about templates? Visit our new templates page. Have a template you think we should add to our library? Email us at

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