System Admin Role
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Overview: The System Admin role is designed to allow high level admins with additional project management capabilities over other user permission roles.

What is a System Admin?

In addition to all the permissions of a regular admin, the System Admin gains:

  • Enhanced Privileges: System admins are supercharged admins, capable of seeing all projects in the project navigator.

  • Self-Addition to Projects: They have the ability to add themselves to projects without needing approval from project owners.

  • Project Cleanup: System admins can delete or edit all active and archived projects without prior authorization.

Becoming a System Admin:

  1. Navigate to the Enterprise Security.

  2. If no existing super admins are present, admins will see an option to "Claim system admin."

  3. Clicking this option will trigger a notification to our Customer Support team, who will promptly promote the user to a system admin.

  4. Once designated as a system admin, users can manage additional system admins within the workspace through the "Manage users" section.

*Once a single admin has been promoted to a System Admin, this option will disappear.*



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