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How to assign work to the correct resource

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Creating an Assignment
To assign a resource need to a team member, you will need to create an assignment. Simply double click on the date you want and the "Create Assignment" Tab will pop up. 

In this tab, you can select the project for this assignment, change the resource, add notes on the assignment and choose your date range.

When you scroll down at bottom of the page, you can also customize the assignment allocation time. You can choose from the following allocation types and confirm the value:

  • Percentage

  • Hours per day

  • Total hours

  • Days


Depending on your workflow, you can allocate the total hours or just enter the hours per day. Hive will calculate the hours per day/total based on your choice! 

Hours per day = Total / Days
Total hours = Hours per day * Days 

Clash Warning
If an assignment is assigned to a resource who has maxed out his daily working hours or has time off scheduled, Hive will show you a clash warning. Over bookings become a thing of the past. 

Time Off

Managing time off in Hive is easy. You can easily schedule time off for individual team members using the Time Off tab within the “Create Assignment” popup. 

You can customize the duration of time off based on the dates. This will be shown on your main resourcing tab. Any assignments assigned to a resource on time off will be flagged as "Clash." 

Note: If you try to assign an action to someone that is due when they have scheduled time off, you will get notified that there is a conflict.

Drag and Drop
If you need to move an assignment, easily drag and drop to the appropriate resource.

Get Personalized Notifications
You will get a notification if an assignment that is assigned to you is confirmed. Any updates or changes made to a confirmed assignment will trigger a notification as well. 

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