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Plan your resourcing with placeholders

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Placeholders are incredibly helpful when forecasting project resources, and you're not sure which team member will be assigned yet. Placeholders can be used to:

  1. Identify all the resources needed for a project by proposed roles 

  2. Determine when you will need these resources

  3. Estimate total hours needed

Note: This article discusses how to use placeholders in 'Resourcing'. To learn more about how to use placeholders within projects, click here

Creating a placeholder

Navigate to the Resourcing app in Hive. Once there, go to More > Settings > Placeholders. To add a new placeholder, choose '+Add placeholder'.

Resourcing for placeholders

Once placeholders have been created, they can be found at the top of the dashboard. You can minimize your people tab to see your placeholder easily. 

Click + hold + drag across the appropriate placeholder in order to create a new resource assignment for them. You can then add additional information such as project and estimated amount of time. 

Drag and drop assignments from placeholders to users

Once you have found the resources/users needed in Hive to take the assignment, you can easily drag and drop the assignments to a specific user. 

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