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Private actions will now be available in 'My Actions'

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We now have a way to keep your private actions only visible under the "My Actions" tab, preventing them from being seen alongside other public actions within the project overview.  

Previously, when a user marked an action private, it would only be visible to that user, but the user would see a mix of private and public actions within his or her project overview. Now, the private actions are organized under the “My Actions” tab. 

This feature helps organize your private actions in a sort of private to-do list manner. 

To activate, go to your assigned action that you would like to make private, use the "More" option in the top right, and select "Private"

If you go back into the project, you will notice that your Action card is no longer listed in the project overview:  

 However, it will be visible under the My Actions tab:  

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