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Custom Project Statuses
Custom Project Statuses

Create your own status names & colors

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You may already be familiar with the default project statuses (On Track, Off Track, On Hold, At Risk) that are available on:

  • Project Overview page

  • Project Navigator, and

  • Portfolio View

This Red / Amber / Green stoplight status is a quick way to flag how the project is progressing.

Now, you can create your own custom project statuses in the Workspace Settings modal:

Step 1: Navigator to Workspace Settings

Step 2: Go to Project Status tab

Step 3: Click 'Add new status' button

Step 4: Name your status, select a color, and click 'Add project status'

Now you're ready to use it!

Note: Project Statuses are available across the workspace to all workspace members, and any user may add or remove them.

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