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Creating a Risks and Issues Tracker
Creating a Risks and Issues Tracker

Use the Risk and Issue Tracker to monitor the progress of risks affecting your project plan

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To begin using the Risks and Issues Tracker, you or your workspace admin will need to enable the app on the Apps page, found in your navigation panel. To do so, simply toggle the app on and use the pin icon to save the App to the navigation panel for easy access. Workspace apps can be toggled on by workspace admins.

Your team can use the tracker to manage the risks and issues in each of your projects in one centralized location.

To add a new issue, open the tracker and enter the name of the risk you would like to keep track of. Be sure to select the project the risk is associated with.

The card is now linked with the project, but it will not show within the project plan itself. You will be able to view the risk in this summary view only. Be sure to try out the different layouts and filters to hone in on the information that is most important to you.

When assigning risk to a project member the risk will show on their 'My Actions' page, ensuring visibility of any mitigation steps or action required.

RAG Report/Status

When managing your risks consider leveraging labels to add Red, Amber & Green statuses to complement the progress status of your risks.

When in table view you will be able to sort by RAG and also export the view easily in support of any delivery confidence assessment.

Action Templates

To align with your risk management framework you can create a handy action template to represent your identification, measurement, mitigation, reporting or monitoring steps throughout your risk management process.

Employ an action template to easily add subactions, labels, assignees, due dates, and dependencies to your risk action cards.

Top Tip: Don't forget to add your RAG labels to your action template.

Action Card Custom fields

Where you need to add custom data to your risk action cards, action custom fields can be created to ensure you add any information you need to track. This could include:

  • Raised by

  • Risk Type

  • Portfolio

  • Executive Sponsor

Top Tip: Ensure to add these with your live project to include them on the Risks and Issues table view.

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