We've recently unveiled yet another Hive app to make your life even easier! We know that many of you often need to work with data and run reports on it, so having it all in one place can be very handy and time-efficient. For this very purpose, we released our new Pages app which is now available in your Apps library.

Creating a page

As soon as you open this app, you’ll be prompted to create your first page.

You can make it either Private or Public depending on whether you’ll be using it just yourself or the whole team will be working with it. You can always change this, so we recommend starting with a Private page, and making it Public after you're finished creating it.

Adding and customizing widgets

After creating your page, you can start adding and customizing your widgets. To see all of the widgets available, you need to click Add Widget > Widget Library. From there you’ll see that there are several types of widgets you can leverage such as:

  • Bar Chart / Pie Chart

  • Embed*

  • Table

  • Text

  • File library

  • etc

Additionally, you can Group your Bar Chart Widget by Assignees, Labels, or Statuses!

*Embed - Embedding a website will depend on if the website allows embedding.

Edit and View modes

You can work in Pages in two modes: Edit vs View

  • Edit mode allows users to move and configure all widgets on the page.

  • View mode locks widget position and configuration. Users can only view widgets.

Page settings

If you need to edit your page settings, you have to click Menu in the top right corner > Edit. This way you can rename your page, adjust privacy settings (you can restrict it to yourself, share with specific people or give access to everyone) and select or deselect projects to be included in your widgets. Also, you can delete a page from the same Menu button if you no longer need it.

Just a warning though - Pages are not recoverable, so once it's deleted, it will be removed from your workspace entirely.

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