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Your personalized dashboard & notepad in Hive.

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Introducing our newest app, Pages.

Pages is your personalized homepage for all of the most important things (to you) in your organization's workspace. Use it as a notepad for your next 1-on-1, dashboard for your latest project, or any other reason you need to see your relevant tasks, notes, and goals at a glance.

Pages is available to all Hive users, regardless of plan. To access Pages, go to Apps -> Workspace Apps, and scroll down to Pages. From here, you can choose to pin it to your left sidebar. Toggle Pages on to begin using it and click into the app to begin.

Creating your first Page

As soon as you open the app, you’ll be prompted to create your first page.

From here, you have the option to make your Page Private (to just you or selected team members) or Public (to all members of the workspace). You can always change this, so we recommend starting with a Private page, and making it Public after you're finished creating it.

Adding and customizing widgets

After you create your page, you can start adding and customizing your widgets. To see all of the widgets available, you need to click Add Widget > Widget Library. From there you’ll see that there are several types of widgets you can leverage such as:

  • Bar Chart / Pie Chart

  • Embed*

  • Table

  • Text

  • Goal

  • File library

  • Note

  • Numbers

  • Time Tracking

Additionally, you can Group your Bar Chart Widget by Assignees, Labels, or Statuses!

*Embed - Embedding a website will depend on if the website allows embedding.

Edit and View modes

You can work in Pages in two modes: Edit vs View

  • Edit mode allows users to move and configure all widgets on the page (we recommend staying here as you customize your Page.)

  • View mode locks widget position and configuration (we suggest using view mode when your page is complete or ready to be shared with others!)

Page settings

If you need to edit your page settings, click Menu in the top right corner > Edit. From here, you can rename your page, adjust privacy settings, and select or deselect projects to be included in your widgets. You can also delete a page from the same Menu; however, Pages are not recoverable, so once it's deleted, it will be removed from your workspace entirely! Remember to triple-check before deleting.

If you need to share or duplicate your page, you can also do this in the top right Menu. When clicking Share, the link is copied to your clipboard and you can send it to others. Please note that the link only works for users who have a Hive account.

Exporting Pages

If you want your non-Hive stakeholders to see the page, you can export your Page to PDF.

To export a Page, navigate to the top right-corner Menu of the Page and find "Export to PDF" in the dropdown. The file will include all information that is visible on the page.

Please note: You must have access to the page to export it.

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